50 Cent has kept busy over the last few months embarking on a number of ventures aside from Hip Hop, which explains why it's taken him so long to complete his "Street King Immortal" album. 50 has focused on his acting career, his new energy drink, and his line of headphones lately, but his latest LP is now set to drop in February 2013 and he officially debuted the lead single from the project, titled "My Life", on an episode of "The Voice".

The track features rap veteran Eminem and Maroon 5 member Adam Levine. 50 recently sat down with Carson Daly to discuss the track, among other topics. 

"We were coming up at the same time and they asked me what do I like and I said Maroon 5 because I just heard the song 'She Will Be Loved' and I just said, 'What is that?'", 50 explained. "We went into the studio and I said, 'No, we gotta make a single.' I found a space that kind of meets the Slim Shady, not the Marshall Mathers, but the Slim Shady side of Em when he starts to get in that pocket. It just makes a great collaboration every time we did it."

50 also spoke about his rocky history with former G-Unit members Game and Young Buck. He says that he tried to help them learn the same lessons he received from Eminem, but things ultimately went sour between the artists and 50 which led to their dismissal from G-Unit.

"You can offer artists the opportunity to have the audience that's interested in you become interested in them. You can let them perform on your stage. You can let them work in your music videos and everything, but if they want what you have, they can't quite do that," 50 explained. "They've got to establish that on their own.

"The artists kind of got uncomfortable and felt like they wouldn't be as big as me with me," he continued. "I never felt like, 'I have to get rid of Em to be big' or disassociate myself from that."

The Queens rapper even said that while his lyrics in the track "My Life" are adamant, he is referencing neither Game nor Buck.

"Beef doesn't actually sell records. It creates that barber shop, beauty salon conversation. Hit records sell records," he simply explained.

source: amp.cbslocal.com