New York Knicks star J.R. Smith has painted somewhat of a "bad boy" image for himself with some of the fairly reckless decisions he's made in terms of putting himself out there for the public to criticize him.  Earlier this year, Smith uploaded an explicit picture of Joe Budden's ex-girl Tahiry in bed with him with her backside out for the public to see.  He was hit with a $25,000 fine from the Knicks organization for this and has been repeatedly told by the management to shape up his attitude and the way he portrays himself.  During a recent interview with Complex, Smith recalled some of the decisions he's made that have brought him heat and how they've helped him grow as a result.

"Yeah, I have a lot of regrets. I'm not the smartest person on Twitter; I'm definitely not the dumbest either. I'm in the public eye so much that there's so much that I have to take back off Twitter. I mean I delete stuff all the time. It's Twitter, I don't think people should take it so serious.  Yeah, the front office has came to me about that stuff, my coaches never came to me though. [One] instance was a couple years ago when we were playing the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. I was talking about Kobe [Bryant] on there and they just came to me like, 'Knock it off.' Stuff like that. This past year of course there was... [the Tahiry backshot. That was] messed up."

He also addressed the rumors of him being linked to Rihanna, and how people are constantly making stories out of nothing.  

"It's funny because it's like, you honestly never know unless you know somebody who was there. They could say, 'We saw such and such together,' and that could be a bold-faced lie. The other person could be way across the country. Other times it could be like, 'That's his girl.'  It's wild the way they portray things. You could be in the club next somebody, and they could be like 'Oh such and such is here, and such and such is here--boom, let's send it out!' Then it's everywhere and everybody knows. It's crazy, it's just beyond me how it works like that."