G.O.O.D. Music front man Kanye West hasn't spoken about the label's upcoming album "Cruel Winter" as of yet, but his artists have been bombarded with questions regarding details of the group's new project. Big Sean recently sat down with DJ Semtex and said a few words about the group's new album.

Sean said that he's already recorded a track for "Cruel Winter" and suggested that it was a great song.

"I know I did something for it, for 'Cruel Winter', and I was like 'God d*mn it I may need to cut this for my album' because it was like really good."

The Detroit native then went on to reveal that his popular collaborative track "Clique" with Kanye West and Jay-Z was supposed to be on his next solo album.

"'Clique' was supposed to be for my album but it ended up going on 'Cruel Summer' but I'm still on a song with Jay-Z and Kanye but it was originally gonna be my new single for my next album."

source: missinfo.tv