Nate Dogg's children have been locked in a heated battle with their stepmother and grandmother over control of his estate ever since he passed away.  Nate's wife, LaToya Calvin, took control of his estate and requested in August that Nate's mother, Ruth Homes, be her co-administrator.  However, Nate's kids smelled something fishy in the air between the two women as they believed that they would not divide Nate's goods within the family fairly.  

It is because of this that LaToya has decided to back away from holding control over his estate this month, and according to what her lawyer reported to TMZ, "Nate's children wanted a 'professional administration' and Ruth and LaToya decided to withdraw to avoid conflict with the children."

Apparently Nate's children are "ecstatic," but lets hope that things get settled fairly for everyone in the long run.