The agreement that Warren Sapp made back in 2001 while he was a superstar for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers making major bank off of hefty paychecks could make his current request to lower the amount of child support he must pay to one of his five baby mamas a bit difficult for the judge to agree to.  He has been paying baby mama Angela Sanders a total of $2,500 a month, but recently filed documents in a Florida court to have that number modified, as Sapp is facing some serious financial struggles through bankruptcy.  

The main issue here is that the previous agreement he made with Ms. Sanders in 2001 stated that neither party could "seek modification" for the child support payments based off of income alterations.  He probably agreed to that in the past to prevent Ms. Sanders from seeking to gain more money out of Sapp's pockets.  However, now that Sapp is suffering from financial woes, Ms. Sanders doesn't feel as though it is fair for him to request to have the child support lowered because she never tried to gain more money for him back when he was making millions, even though she could have.

He's apparently trying to alter the child support payment sum for his other four baby mamas as well; however, a judge has yet to come to a decision on any of these cases.