Fat Joe chopped it up with the New York Times recently about the comparisons between the Miami Heat fans and his hometown New York Knicks fans.  According to Joe, there is no comparison between the two, for Joe feels as though Heat fans only show love when their team is on the rise.  

"Yeah, I've seen them. But so what? I don't rate Heat fans like I rate Knicks fans.  We are true basketball fans. No matter what -- rain, sleet or snow, or even if we don't make it to the playoffs for 10 years -- the Garden stands are still full. I can recall when three, four years ago, the Heat wasn't doing too good and those stands were empty."

He also shared his thoughts with ESPN on the move Ray Allen made by switching from Boston to play for the Miami Heat.  Joe made an interesting parallel when he said that Ray's switch was equivalent to him "signing to G-Unit."

"That's like me signing to G-Unit. ... When he went to them, I didn't even respect that man.  I didn't respect that. It's sad because I'm such a fan. I'd be lying if I didn't think his jump shot is crazy. But I don't love Ray Allen. I don't respect the move."

Source: sohh.com