Earlier in the year, Pusha T and Lil Wayne exchanged diss records after Pusha felt Wayne was taking shots at his G.O.O.D. Music camp. Many felt their war of words would involve the rest of Young Money as well as G.O.O.D. Music, but tensions were kept at a low for the most part. Now Pusha speaks on the diss tracks and verses he recorded. He explains how his verse on Alley Boy's "Your Favorite Rapper" and his own songs like "Exodus" and "New Gold Flow" tie into the feud with the Young Money general.

"It's one of my favorite verses," Pusha said of his Alley Boy collaboration. "Yeah, yeah. It was [a shot at Lil Wayne]. It's always in response, man. You know? I put out a record. He puts out a record. Like I said, it's not about diss records to me. It's about making good music. I feel like anything I've put out thus far in regards to anything that has to do with me having an issue or so on and so forth, has been an immaculate record. I can't say that for everybody else. Everybody else who may have thrown a shot here or thrown a shot there at me, I can't say their record was awesome."

Pusha then says his message on "Exodus" and "New God Flow" caught the attention of fans and those whom the songs were aimed at.

"I think that I was shaking souls with 'Exodus.' I think I was shaking souls with 'New God Flow.' I think that Alley Boy verse, 'Your Favorite Rapper,' is one of the best verses ever. I know things like that scare people. I know that when I say things like that, I know that hurts. Those are good lines. Those are lines that are great. That's what I look to give the fans."

Despite his harsh use of words, Pusha admits that there is no personal beef between either side.

"It's not a personal beef. I don't personally know any of them. These guys have made great music in their day. These guys have fans, tons of fans, so I can't really let anybody with that many fans and that type of visibility and that type of history, I can't just let them make statements against me and be quiet about it. That can be viewed as a victory."

Source: hiphopdx.com