Music producer S1, who has worked with G.O.O.D. Music for some time, recently discussed a particular point in time when he collaborated with 50 Cent and how that joint project resulted in his latest single. S1 says that the 50 Cent and Eminem featured track, titled "My Life", was created almost two years ago after he met Dr. Dre, who introduced him to the G-Unit front man.

"I met Dre back in 2008 at the iStandard/One Stop Shop and kept a solid relationship with him. I would send him beats every month consistently for a couple years until I heard Fif wanted to buy these 2 beats from me," he explained. "I went to NY and made a visit to Dre at the G-Unit office. Fif was in a meeting in the backroom so Dre took me back to meet him. When Fif saw me, he immediately gets up and leaves the meeting and tells me 'I had an APB out on you. You got some HEAT!!!'"

The track didn't take off right away, but S1 says 50 Cent never forgot about it, and after a guest appearance from Eminem, the track was finally completed.

"So for the next year or so 50 Cent would mention me in all his interviews about me producing on his album. Through the grapevine I was hearing Eminem hopped on the record then from an Executive at Interscope Records I was told Adam Levine was gonna be on the record. Fast forward through 3 mixtapes and 1 album later, the song stood the test of time and its about to come out now as a single."

The track is said to be releasing as early as next week.