In Complex's recurring series "The First Thing I Bought When I Got Rich", G.O.O.D. Music's Pusha T was the most recent artist to share what he did with that first paycheck. As a family man, Pusha had to take care of his Mom first and foremost.

"I bought my mom's Jaguar in 2001. I ain't had no hits. Zero. I can't even speak for that," said the Virginia native.

Pusha claims he spent $60,000 on the car, which was a new body at the time. When asked if his Mom still had the car, he answered, "Yeah. You know what's so funny? She does and she has absolutely no miles on it. It didn't go anywhere. They towed it the other day and she really needs to start driving her car. I guess she can get rid of it. I don't know. I'll find something to do with it."