Jay-Z may not have intended to, but his namesake has lent former Disney star Miley some truly appreciated street cred. Miley credits mentioning Jay-Z in her song "Party In The USA" for allowing her to branch out into other audiences.

"He's like one of my favorites," said Miley. "Actually, when I first did the 'Party In The USA' song, I wasn't really a big fan of Jay-Z. I was younger, I didn;t care. And now I'm like, 'Yeah!' I'm happy I got introduced to Jay-Z because now I get like, street cred for that song. There's been so many videos, so many funny videos. You should Google it right now, 'Party In The USA' campaign videos on YouTube, so many people have made Obama sing it, moving his mouth to sing it and singing it to each other, it's so funny. I'm like, that's so weird."

Source: sohh.com