"Kenan and Kel" was one of the most quality programs back in the '90s, as part of a Nickelodeon line-up of shows that will probably never be rivaled. Unfortunately, as time has gone by, it seems Kenan now wants nothing to do with his former friend and collaborator.

Kenan Thompson currently has a comedy pilot in the works with NBC, so of course, everyone's first thought is whether or not he'll be involving Kel. It turns out, according to Kel, Kenan is actively avoiding him.

"The truth is Kenan does not want to be seen with me in any form of media, or even have my name mentioned around him," said Kel.

Kenan's choice to distance himself from Kel fortunately hasn't made the latter bitter. "I have not been upset about this," said Kel. "I respect his choice of wanting to make a name for himself solo. There is no bad blood on my side, I'm not declining a reunion, I know the fans love the show and would love to see some type of appearance with us ... I just don't see that ever happening because of how he really feels."

And though it seems like just yesterday Coolio was rocking the intro, awwww, there it goes.

Source: tmz.com