While everyone has their different traditions on Thanksgiving, one common factor seems to be friends and family. For celebrities, sometimes Thanksgiving can take strange shapes and forms.

In celebration of Thanksgiving, "The BoomBox" spoke to Nicki Minaj, Brandy, and Styles P about their most memorable Thanksgiving.

Nicki responded, ""Well, last year was kinda funny. We had absolutely no Thanksgiving and we were just looking around like, 'Wow guys, damn. The world's enjoying Thanksgiving dinner and we're just sitting here thinking about where we're gonna order food from.' We were so busy that we forgot it was about to be Thanksgiving and when Thanksgiving actually happened we were assed out. Maybe this year we can get some real food. We'll see."

Brandy had a slightly different story. "I just love Thanksgiving," she said. "I love being with my family. I remember one Thanksgiving when my mom didn't want to cook. I didn't know her recipes at the time -- I still don't know them all the way -- but I hired a catering company to make the food for Thanksgiving. I set my house up really nice for my mom and my family. We all got together and everyone had a good time. I made sure that the house looked nice and everything. It was nothing like my mom's cooking but I just knew she didn't feel like cooking that year so I did something special for her and kinda gave her Thanksgiving off, even though I didn't cook none of the food."

Styles P had a much more general idea of Thanksgiving, noting that it's the same momentous fest of food and family each year. "I can't remember any single memory in particular because Thanksgiving is usually just my whole family being there. It's really just the essence of seeing family and friends you don't usually get to see, just sitting down and seeing each other. Just relaxing and being humble about having the time to do that. We go big. I ain't gon' lie."

Source: theboombox.com