West Coast rapper Game is continuing with his "Sunday Service" venture in which he plans to drop new music every Sunday leading up to the release of his upcoming "Jesus Piece" album. This new music may lead to even newer endeavors for Game, including the possibility of a collaborative album with R&B singer Chris Brown. Game was asked about potentially embarking on a project of that nature with Brown in a recent interview and stated that anything is possible.

"Chris Brown is Bobby Brown in hip-hop these days," Game told CBS Local. "He's the bad boy of R&B. He's also like a little brother to me. Anytime I call him anything I need done it is done ASAP. Anybody else who calls him is gonna need $200k to get Chris Brown on the record. We make good music, who knows what would happen in the future. I'm not opposed to doing something like that."

What are your thoughts on the possibility of joint album featuring Game and Chris Brown?

source: cbslocal.com