Whatever Katt Williams was on during his recent show in Oakland, California had him high on another world. Those in attendance paid between $33-$94 to see the comedian live onstage, but they were treated to a different version of Katt Williams than that which they expected to see.  Katt began to mentally fade off into another place during the show as he started ranting about random topics and began picking fights with hecklers in the crowd. He eventually transitioned into a rap skit where he pretty much told anyone who hates on him to fight him.

In the end, Suge Knight, Too Short and the rest of his crew had to pull him off stage and address the fact that it was because of whatever drug he took that he acted the way he did.  Katt eventually returned to the stage 30 minutes later and got right back into his random rants about wanting to fight his haters.  Check out the clip above and hit the next page to see the conclusion of his meltdown.