G.O.O.D. Music singer John Legend recently commented on labelmate Big Sean blowing up over the past year, and revealed the track he thinks propelled Sean to where he is now. According to Legend, it was Sean's 2011 collaboration "My Last" with Chris Brown that did the trick.

"Yeah, he's a star now. He's like, a legitimate star. It's exciting to see it happen. I remember just hearing that song that song he had with Chris Brown in the studio," Legend told Complex. "It was crazy seeing it blow up the way it did because it felt like it had the possibility of doing that a few months beefier it came out. When it came out, it did its thing and it really put him on the map. And he just followed it with quality, fun records. He's really established his own persona. I think that's really what you have to do. You have to use that push you've gotten from working with someone like Kanye, and use it to establish your own persona and have your own space in the game."

Source: sohh.com