During a recent interview with KRLD, NFL Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders had a minor meltdown when asked about a recruiting controversy at the Prime Prep Academy Dallas charter school he co-founded.  He lost his cool for a moment and wound up calling one of the reporters who questioned him an "African American killer."  

"First of all, this all started mainly by a Caucasian reporter from a news station, Channel 8, you know who I'm talking about, and he seems like he's the African-American killer.  It's always something against a brother. And that bothers me. I've never been accused of cheating with anything, in any sports, in any arena, in my life.  

"We have a lawyer that's getting ready to tear some butts up, because a lot of the things that were done to our institution was done wrong because you dislike me.  Don't allow your disdain for me affect our kids and that's what's happening."

Source: huffingtonpost.com