In a recent interview, rapper Saigon admitted that he wasn't too thrilled with the negative connotations and message that some rappers relay in their music. He pointed out 2 Chainz as an example of this, saying that he was annoyed to the point where he would even punch the Atlanta rapper. But Saigon says he doesn't have any real issue with 2 Chainz or any other rapper he feels makes music that is detrimental to kids, although he admits that he still dislikes the tone of their lyrical content.

"I say them things on purpose," he wrote on his Facebook page. "If U notice I say people names at the end of the interview.In my mind Im thinking I just dropped a deep interview but I have to say some super ignorant sh*t to bring people to even watch it so I said a name or 2."

"I just been doing this for a while and I understand how the Hip Hop media works. I hope those 2 guys understand it was simply a strategy and not personal at all. Though I DONT agree with their content. I do not want to cause them any harm or see them harmed."

He also took to Twitter to further expand on his initial statements.

"That real street Beef sh*t is right up my alley but would defeat the whole purpose of what Im trying to accomplish. I dont wanna hurt no one."