When those aspiring to make it big in life make their dreams a reality, they can't wait to congratulate themselves with that first major purchase after receiving that first check. It serves as a reward to that person and perhaps a look at better things to come in the future. Rapper Curren$y recently sat down with Complex to reveal and discuss the first thing he bought when he became rich.

"An air mattress," Curren$y revealed. "I knew I had this condo situated prior to the check clearing, so [the condo is] not really what I got when I got rich. All that was already set up. Once said money was there, once they were like, 'Mr. Franklin, your funds are available,' the first thing I bought was an air mattress."

Spitta says he purchased the king size air mattress for right around $79 from a Walgreens on Canal Street. He placed it in the trunk of his Ferrari and proceeded to enjoy his new mattress and condo.

Source: complex.com