Neither 50 Cent or Slim the Mobster are backing down from their longstanding Twitter beef, which was ignited yet again after Fif told Slim that he was getting dropped from Aftermath.

"SLIM U R dropped,you will get the call ths week.DRE's a boss nobody wants 2 tell him. It's OVER ☺ SMSaudio"

50's news didn't come as a shock to Slim, who confirmed that he's been off the label since October 17th, but it did rile the rapper up on Twitter. Slim continued to bash Fif with a barrage of tweets, which ranged from claiming that 50 Cent was gay, to saying that he had an affair with late music exec Chris Lighty's wife.

"Ok so now im a put some shit out there ... on my Twitterforum feddicent was having an affair with chris lighty wife"

Check out all of the tweets in the above slide: