Lil Scrappy is unhappy with the turnout of what was supposed to be a Louisville, Kentucky live performance this past weekend. The rapper was set to perform at Club Vizion on Sunday but says the concert promoter botched his entire appearance - from the actual show to his stay at the hotel. 

According to TMZ, Scrappy claims the promoter didn't have the money to pay him for his services. So instead of performing for those who had already arrived at the venue, the Atlanta rapper agreed to hold a meet-and-greet after the promoter paid him a small sum of money. 

But that wasn't the end of the mishaps on behalf of the promoter. Lil Scrappy says as he made his way back to the hotel that was arranged for him, he was informed that his reservation was cancelled and that he had to move out of the room. 

Scrappy left the premises voluntarily but did have the assistance of police to escort him. The rapper says he doesn't intend on suing the promoter over this matter but promises to never do business with him again.