Ever since the "VladTV Top 100 Rap Battles Over The Past Few Years" list was posted, there has been a major quantity of responses from both battle rappers as well as fans of battle rap in general.  The general misunderstanding that has been shared by both parties is that many people seem to think that this is a list of the "Top 100 Rap Battles of All Time," which it is not.  It is a list of some of the top 100 rap battles over the past few years only, and only features battles from modern battle leagues such as Smack/URL, Grind Time, KOTD, Queen of the Ring, UW, and maybe one or two more leagues but that is the extent and limit to this list.

If it were a "Top 100 Best Rap Battles of All Time" list, the likes of Juice, Supernatural, Eminem, Cassidy, Kool Moe Dee, and many others would've been on there.  Some of the rappers who've been named on this list responded graciously, while others were not too happy with the list, possibly because they thought it was a "best battle raps of all time" list.

Regardless, the battles and rappers listed have contributed greatly to the battle rap community elevating to the highly popular and widely supported international level that it's currently at now, and they deserve their due credit.

Check out some of the responses from battle rappers and battle rap fans above.