The issues between fellow rappers Saigon and Prodigy have been well documented over the years. The two came to blows back in 2007 - an altercation that stemmed from Saigon's friendship with Tru Life. In a recent interview, Saigon explained how he and Prodigy came to this misunderstanding which led to so much more. He says that Tru had a problem with Prodigy after he took money for a verse that was used at another recording.

"That was about Prodigy not being real. The s*** started with Tru Life. That s*** wasn't even my beef. Tru had robbed them n***as, and me and Tru like brothers, before Rap. I came up with Tru. So when Tru got in the Rap game, he was on some hood rule s*** apply still," he said.

Saigon then says a matter of $15,000 that went missing was ultimately the point in which things turned sour.

"Prodigy stole $15,000 from Tru Life. Not stole it, but he did a verse for him, and went and did the same verse and took the money, and then went and did the same verse on some other s***. Tru was like, 'Aight, give me another verse.' Son kept ducking. They did what they did with that. I ended up guilty by association. They tryna say, you went on TV and burned our CDs. I didn't burn CDs, I had a handful of CDs, I was like, all this s*** is garbage to me. I wasn't singling out Mobb Deep."

Saigon then goes on to explain that he and Prodigy never had any issues after that situation and even bumped into one another a few times without any type of confrontation going down. However, he says that as soon as Prodigy was accompanied by a large crew, the real problems began.

"I'm like, we was just hugging a few days ago! Why when you deep, and you catch me with one or two n***as, you got a problem again?" he said. "The reason I hit him was he gave me that look like, 'Yeah n***a, I got you now.'"