During the NBA season, the biggest news usually stems from the trade deadline and free agency (during the offseason). Though we're still extremely early in the 2012-2013 regular season, there's already been a blockbuster signing with the Los Angeles Lakers acquiring former Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni.

The Lakers organization is hoping D'Antonio can turn their lackluster season around, but they may be without their new head coach even after the team makes the official announcement in the coming days. D'Antoni underwent a knee replacement at the beginning of November and spent all of last week living in a nursing home in Westchester, New York. He has not been cleared by his doctor to fly as of yet so it may be some time before Lakers fans see him calling out plays on the sideline.

Sports Illustrated's Jack McCallum was able to catch up with D'Antoni at the nursing home and gave a report on how he's been handling the rehab.

"D'Antoni is still on crutches after a knee replacement but feeling much better than he did last week when he was limping around, unshaven and slurping Jell-O, at an old folks' home in Westchester, N.Y. His wife, Laurel, had found him a room there when a power outage had killed his access to the outside world."

Despite his recent surgery, D'Antoni seems to be in better condition to coach than Phil Jackson, who was the front-runner for the vacant head coaching position.

source: deadspin.com