There have been hundreds of rap battles that have taken place over recent years.  Beginning with the early Smack DVD days with the likes of Murda Mook and Loaded Lux squaring off inside barber shops, to now the grand stage of Webster Hall in NYC, battle rap has seen an enormous amount of evolution since its on-camera beginnings.  

Smack/URL has grown and broadened its roster of formidable lyricists, meanwhile the battle scene has transitioned into become a globally followed art form.  Over the years multiple battle leagues have formed such as UW Battle League, Lions Den, GrindTime, KOTD, and even embraced the participation from female spitters in Queen of the Ring.

From the existence of so many different battle leagues has come a very diverse group of rappers to participate in the verbal melees.  It's no longer just "street bars" that fill the battles, but instead you have hipsters, lawyers, college grads, etc. all partaking in the events.  

Above is a list of the Top 100 Rap Battles within the past few years from battle leagues such as Smack/URL, KOTD, Grind Time, Queen Of The Ring, UW Battle League, among others.