Obama might have won on election day, but he wasn't the only one. Mary Jane did pretty well in the voting booths as well, with marijuana being legalized for recreational consumption in Colorado and Washington. Several Atlanta rappers weighed in on the good news, including Lil Scrappy, Future, and Cash Out.

Lil Scrappy responded to the news saying, "It would be great if I was still blowing but I'm on chill mode for God. Liquor is legal and it's less harmful so weed should be legal everywhere too."

Cash Out got in on the conversation as well, noting, "It's great! I wish they would legalize weed everywhere and there would be way more happy people in this country."

Future commented as well, and wanted to know when these laws would reach Atlanta. "Hey sh*t, I don't live in Colorado but when I get there for a show we can smoke. They need to bring this law to Atlanta!"

It's probably safe to say the hip hop world is overjoyed by the steps marijuana has made in this most recent election.

Source: sohh.com