Future teamed up with Rihanna for her upcoming November 19th album "Unapologetic."  The two artists collaborated on a song that Jay-Z titled "Loveeeeeee Song."  During an interview with Complex, Future spoke about his overall experience working with Rihanna and Roc Nation on the song.

"It was easy working with Rihanna. Very professional. I did what I had to do, I did my part and we made history. Jay-Z actually named the song, he liked the song so much he named it. He spelled it 'Loveeeeeee Song' with seven Es. It was genius of him to even do it that way and name the song.  For me to be a part of the whole Roc Nation, as far as writing this music that they accepted and it being on her album, and for Jay-Z to name that track, I just feel like it's an amazing accomplishment for me."

The song should be released some time next week.  

Source: m.complex.com