50 Cent just can't seem to resist a good ol' Twitter beef, especially when he's goaded into it. Back in August, former Aftermath artist Slim the Mobster had some foul words to say about 50 Cent on Twitter after 50 spoke somewhat negatively about him in an interview. Slim went on an epic rant in which he threatened 50 and challenged him to make a move. 50 responded cool and collected, telling his followers he was "smiling" instead of sending shots back.

Now, it looks like 50 has changed his mind about the whole "smile gang" thing. The Queens rapper took to Twitter on Sunday and attacked Slim, making fun of his now meaningless "Aftermath" tattoo, and even poking fun at his apparently chapped lips. However, the attack was not unprovoked. Slim has been absolutely wildin' on his Twitter account, as he's gone on a Twitter rant that could only rival his one back in August. In it, among many other things, Slim claims 50 used ThisIs50 to snitch on him for drugs and guns. Check out the tweets above.

Source: m.aol.com