LL Cool J made an appearance on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on Thursday, and had a hilarious conversation with the talk show host. LL spoke about his usage of Twitter and also about the new album he's working on called "Authentic Hip-Hop".

When Craig asked LL about Twitter, LL explained how many cold blooded haters he has on the site. He referred to the trash talkers as "laptop gangsters".

"Oh that's my favorite thing," L told Craig Ferguson, after the host asked him if he blocks his haters. "I love it, it's so refreshing to just...They hate on you, and say something terrible and you just respond with something pithy and, block! It's so relaxing, it's like getting a massage."

The rapper also talked about his new album "Authentic Hip-Hop", which should be coming out sometime in February.

Check out the video above.