According to reports from TMZ, Cee Lo was involved in a brawl with two females back in July 2011.  Cee Lo was out clubbing at a Miami nightclub and invited two women back to his hotel room for an "afterparty".  According to Cee Lo and a witness, both females were extremely intoxicated, as one of them began to argue with him.  He decided that he didn't want to entertain a senseless argument, so Cee Lo placed his hands on the woman's shoulders and began to escort her out of his hotel room when she screamed at him "fat motherf***er," to which Cee Lo became aggravated and responded, "You need to leave, b*tch."

From there the argument reached a boiling point outside of the hotel room when the woman pounced on Cee Lo and began rocking him with punches and slaps to his face.  Cee Lo defended himself against the feminine onslaught which lead to the woman's other female friend jumping in and attacking Cee Lo from behind.  

After the police arrived at the scene, they came to the conclusion that the fight was mutual and couldn't place any sole blame on either side, so no one was arrested.