The recent issues between former Money Team business partners 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather may be settled in the ring, as the G-Unit leader has responded to a $5 million challenge put forth by two billionaires to fight Floyd. 50 says he would be down to get into the ring with Floyd but would need some time to train and get his body into better boxing condition.

Based on one of 50's tweets, it seems as if he wants the potential boxing match to be as even and fair as possible. He says he's in a higher weight class than Floyd at the moment, and if he were to hit Mayweather, "that boy he will see a white light." 

The two billionaires, Alki David and Celebrity Boxing Owner Damon Feldman, offered both 50 and Mayweather $5 million each to settle their differences in the squared circle. Both the rapper and boxer are business men at the end of the day, so if the offer is legit, it's likely that the fight may happen. 50 says for $5 million, he's definitely all in.

Check out 50's tweets above and let us know if you think a fight between him and Floyd is possible.