2 Chainz is looking to stand out from the rest of his peers with a new single titled "I'm Different". The Atlanta rapper revealed the cover art for the track most recently, and it relates directly to what the concept of the song is. The artwork to the single shows a number of peaches in a bundle with one yellow peach, representing 2 Chainz, sitting atop all the rest. 2 Chainz spoke about the track with MTV News.

"I wrote the treatment for that and I'm really excited to continue pushing the envelope and giving the fans something to see, some excitement again, really building that curiosity up with hip-hop again—I'm happy to be one of the frontrunners for that campaign."

2 Chainz also revealed most recently that he's already working on his sophomore album which he plans to drop in April 2013. He stated that he's already three songs into the new project and that it's progressing nicely.

Source: rap-up.com