When LeBron James became a free agent in the summer of 2010, many people speculated as to what team he would sign with for the upcoming NBA season. James was undoubtedly the talk of the entire summer and really the talk of the league when he shocked the world and left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat.

What many people forget is that James' running mate Dwyane Wade was also a free agent at the time and met with several NBA organizations just as LeBron did. The then-New Jersey Nets were pulling hard to entice LeBron to sign with them, especially with James' good friend Jay-Z a part owner of the franchise. When it came time for Wade to meet with the Nets, he says Jay-Z was nowhere to be found. 

Miami Herald Heat beat writer Joseph Goodman remembers this particular point in time all too well and recently tweeted about it, revealing what Wade had to say about the situation.

"Dwyane Wade's biggest take away from his 2010 free-agent meeting with the Nets: 'Jay-Z wasn't there. He was there for LeBron.'"

The Nets franchise had cleared a great amount of cap space in 2010 to try and sign two superstar athletes to maximum contracts. It was obvious that LeBron was the target of their free agency hunting. But things turned out well for Wade in the long run, as he and James, along with Chris Bosh, all accepted less money to form the super-team they currently have in Miami. They've already captured one title and are looking to add more gold to the mantle.

Source: sports.yahoo.com