Things got really out of hand at the University of Mississippi after Barack Obama won his reelection over conservative Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  An anti-Obama protest formed as hundreds of angry students gathered on campus to show their disdain towards the president's victory.  The many students participating in the angry protest began shouting racial slurs about both President Obama and the Black community as a whole while they threw rocks and burned an "Obama Biden 2012" campaign poster.  

The University police were alerted to the protest after a fire alarm was pulled, which caused the angry mob to regroup in another location.  Various representatives of the university responded to the classless and racist display the next day on Wednesday, November 7th.

"The reports of the use of racial language by some have been confirmed by our campus police. The University leadership strongly condemns this kind of behavior and is embarrassed that any students associated with the university would use this kind of language," said Ole Miss chancellor Daniel W. Jones in a letter. "Our university creed calls for the respect of each individual and for fairness and civility. The investigation of this event will be thorough and individuals found in violation of any law will be referred to appropriate authorities."