The eruption of gang violence in the city of Chicago has been a largely discussed topic over the years, and recently the level of violence has escalated to record levels. Several notable Hip Hop figures from Chicago have spoken out and even rapped about the trouble that plague their city. Rap veteran Common is always one for uplifting the peace, especially in his hometown, but even he admits that he feels hurt by the rampant violence in Chicago.

"First of all, I feel hurt by it. I feel saddened by what's going on, very concerned, and like I have to have a responsibility in it. What I would say to young people is that you have a whole world out there to do something great in, no matter what circumstance you were born in or around. You can accomplish anything you dream of, and, the things you want for your life; happiness, success, love — all those things to grow as a human being."

He continued on by offering some words of encouragement for the youth who involve themselves in violent acts.

"I would encourage people and say 'man, we gotta recognize that that human being you damaging is a part of you and is a reflection of God, and it's also a factor in your future because when you do something to damage someone else, it's going to affect the rest of your life.'"