Kendrick Lamar is continuing to enjoy the success of his debut album "good kid m.A.A.d. city". He's moved over 242,000 units so far, and in a recent interview K Dot spoke about the LP's positive reaction as well as a number of other topics. He says the advice he received from Dr. Dre during the recording of the album paid dividends throughout the entire process.

"Just really continue the work ethic. As far as actually putting in the time to make something that can stick for many years," Kendrick said of Dre's advice. "Just continue the passion for it. Watching him do it, watching him work [and] watching Snoop work. All of them still got the love and the passion for it so it makes me go ten times harder as a new artist."

Lamar even touched on some of Hip Hop's juggernauts such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Kanye West. Kendrick says he's competition with rap's elite and states that even though he has respect for them, he can't continue to look up at them his entire career.

"I'm competitive with them. I'm competitive with Jay-Z. I'm competitive with Nas. I'm competitive with Kanye. I'm in the big leagues now. I can't be looking at them as big homies for the rest of my life," Kendrick explains. "I have to go out there and continue the legacy of great music"