Peter Brant II, son of the publishing Mogul Peter Brant Sr., made the very ill advised mistake of posting a personal and not funny moment shared with his friend Andrew Warren on Instagram.  The screen cap of a text conversation between the two young men alarmed many Instagram users, as Brant stated that he had a "Contingency plan. Kill Obama hahahaha."  This threatening comment was in response to his friend Warren saying "guess we're poor now" after Obama was re-elected.  Warren also sent a disrespectful tweet about women's rights, which offended a lot of people.

Both young men are Republicans, and a part of the 1% of the American population.  Warren's location on Twitter is listed as "NYC/Hamptons" so you can understand where his "guess we're poor now" comment stems from.  Warren defended himself on his Twitter account without issuing an actual apology, but instead donated money to the "Feminist Majority Foundation" and told people to get off his back and move on.  Brant did issue an actual apology regarding the matter.

Check out Brant and Warren's tweets and Instagram photos above.