Hip-Hop and boxing fans alike have been closely following the relationship between Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent. The two have exchanged harsh words on Twitter recently, and many believe the guys are no longer friends. 50, however, made the claim that their beef was all staged as a a way to bring more attention to Money Mayweather. The beef, whether real or not, has caught the attention of some very rich men.

A billionaire by the name of Alki David and his business partner, Damon Feldman of Celebrity Boxing, are offering the duo $5 million to duke it out in a three-round celebrity boxing match. In the style of other celebrity matches, both men would fight three 2-minute rounds in head gear and use oversized celebrity boxing gloves.

The proposed fight will go down in Las Vegas on December 14. So far, neither 50 nor Mayweather has responded to the offer.

Source: allhiphop.com