Between rapping and acting, Ice Cube always has a full schedule. He recently chopped it up with the Huffington Post, and gave some updates about what he's been up to lately.

Cube spoke on the status of the next installment of the "Friday" series, saying it will absolutely happen, whether Chris Tucker shows up or not. Tucker made some comments recently suggesting he may not be interested in continuing the franchise, claiming that they;d be unable to match the "magic" of the first three movies. Cube responded, "One person isn't going to stop the show."

The former NWA lyricist also touched on his plans for producing an NWA biopic. The film is in its infant stages, as they haven't yet began casting or filming, but Cube does have someone in mind to play his likeness.

"My son, O'Shea," said Cube when asked about who would play him in the movie. "He looks like me, and he can rhyme. He knows Ice Cube better than any actor, and I think he can do it. So we're going to have him audition and hopefully he'll show that he has the skills."