Tuesday night's Presidential Election was a tense moment for both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but the President didn't seemed phased by the commotion surrounding Election Day prior to being elected to a second term in office. It's been reported that President Obama enjoyed his usual pick-up game of basketball prior to the election, and this time he reached out to former Chicago Bulls teammates Scottie Pippen and Randy Brown to join him.

Along with the two former NBA athletes, the President was accompanied by his usual basketball buddies. The likes of Arne Duncan, Alexi Giannoulias, and former college basketball player Reggie Love were in attendance as well. Based on a White House pool report, the pick-up game was played at Tim Grover's Attack Athletics facility and it was said that Obama was pretty competitive. 

"He played pretty hard. He got to the basket a couple of times, had a couple of good crossovers and scored," Duncan said. "He plays real hard and he plays real smart. No one gives him any breaks out there. Everybody competes. That's what makes it fun."

It was reported President Obama's team was victorious by 20 points, though there was no final score recorded. 

Source: thesource.com