In the weeks leading up to Tuesday's Presidential Election, West Coast rapper Game was one of the many Hip Hop figures encouraging people to go out and vote, but Game took things to an entirely new level by showing a great gesture for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in New York City. He tells TMZ that he's dished out $10,000 to 500 voters who were stranded by the super-storm so that they were able to vote in the election.

The Compton native also used some of that $10,000 in order to pay for gas and other means of transportation for those hit hard by Sandy. Game was so committed to helping others, as well as the election, that he even drove people to voting sites in his own vehicle.

Despite his gesture, Game says his acts weren't meant to persuade those he helped to vote for President Obama. He tells TMZ that Barack didn't need his help in winning of the election. What do you think of Game's kind act?