According to new reports from TMZ, Cee Lo Green and his sexual assault accuser had a much longer history than was previously believed.  As it turns out, the date in question on which she claims Cee Lo assaulted her was not their first date, but one of many, as the pair met back in February 2012 during the Super Bowl.  Apparently, they dated on and off from then on, frequently exchanging texts and having phone conversations. 

According to various sources who spoke to TMZ about the case, the woman would at times use Cee Lo's celebrity status and wallet size to purchase very expensive items, or even ask his friends how she could get him to buy her expensive things. 

The woman is claiming that Cee Lo took her to a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles back in July, and that he slipped a pill in her drink which caused her to slip into an unconscious state. When she woke, she found herself lying naked in a bed next to Cee Lo in a room foreign to her.  

That's her side of the story.  Cee Lo explained the situation a bit differently through various sources close to him.  Apparently, Cee Lo acknowledges taking her out to the restaurant, but he denies slipping anything in her glass without her consent.  Instead, Cee Lo explained that they both took Ecstasy after they left the restaurant and stayed up all night together, but "No one was unconscious."

The sources claim that the woman made up the entire story because she is in a relationship with a man in Texas and was fearful of having her and Cee Lo's romance exposed to her main squeeze.  However, sources who've spoken up on the accuser's behalf stated that everything Cee Lo says in defense of himself is voided, because they claim to have a tape of Cee Lo apologizing to the woman for the use of MDMA (Ecstasy), and that he thought the drug would help them have a good time. 

Police officials are currently investigating the case and it is apparently being referred to the L.A. County DA.