When Jay-Z kicked off his string of eight straight performances to open the Barclays Center, he sported a Brooklyn Nets jersey that featured his last name on the back and showed some serious pride for the team. The "#4 Carter" jersey were extremely limited, as only 800 were produced with 100 being sold on each day of the Barclays Center concerts. There were 10 additional jerseys produced (5 white, 5 black) and they each have an autograph from Hov that reads "Peace jay-Z". Those particular jerseys were auctioned off through NBA Auctions and the sale ended after two weeks on October 31st.

Lisa Goldberg, vice president of licensing for the NBA, revealed in a statement how much money was made off of the 10 autographed jerseys.

"We had an auction platform and we decided to help Mr. Carter sell the jerseys for his Foundation," said Goldberg. "The sale of the 10 jerseys netted over $15,000 for The Shawn Carter Foundation."

Of the many jerseys that were sold, the black edition seemed to sell more than its white counterpart.

"Black is a trend in fashion apparel and in NBA jerseys," Lisa Goldberg concluded.

Source: inflexwetrust.com