Rap mogul Jay-Z has been known to make some rather surprising, albeit profitable, moves as a businessman, and his latest venture may prove to be another blockbuster as reports say the Brooklyn rapper is looking to sign New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz to a lucrative endorsement deal. Cruz quickly became a household name with the Giants, having an immediate impact on the team as well as the city. The Daily News reported details on the deal.

"The partnership, according to an insider, will give Jay-Z control of securing Cruz's entertainment deals and fattening up his resume away from the sports industry. But that's not where the buck ends. 'I wouldn't rule out him working on a record down the line,'" says the source, adding that with Jay-Z at the helm, Cruz, known for his sassy salsa endzone dancing, could 'snap his fingers and be on a famous artist's single like that.'"

The source also says that while the deal isn't done just yet, it's extremely close to being completed and is already being called "a done deal". Another insider adds "it's just about there, there's no turning back now!"

Source: inflexwetrust.com