It's been weeks since Flavor Flav was arrested for assaulting his fiance, Liz Trujillo, and her 16-year-old son. He has since been released from jail but he may not be out of hot water just yet, as a photo of Flavor Flav kissing an alleged mistress has now surfaced, adding more fuel to the fire.

According to new reports, Flav's alleged affair is what caused the domestic disturbance between himself and his fiance. RumorFix spoke with Liz Trujillo, who stated that the fight with Flav stemmed from him cheating on her with another woman.

Flav's defense team plans to fight the charges against him. Reports say he will plead not guilty to the allegations that he attacked his fiance and went after her son with two knives. The incident, which took place in mid-October at Flav's Las Vegas home, could land him in prison for six years. We'll keep you updated on this matter.