Meek Mill has been putting his name out there in the rap battle scene, expressing his eagerness to jump in the ring and face off against the elite battle MC's putting in work today.  He recently posted on his Twitter account that he wants to see Murda Mook vs Cassidy, because he feels as though they are top tier battlers, and he called Mook "the king of this sh*t".  A video was also released of him talking about how he would personally like to battle either of those two emcees for at least $100,000.  

However, he recanted his previous wishes to personally step into the battle ring right after he tweeted that he'd like to see Mook vs Cassidy.  Meek posted another tweet for his followers to get the message straight saying that he doesn't want to battle anymore for some reason. 

Fans would certainly love to see Meek take his shot in the modern day battle arena, but it's unclear if it will ever happen, as he keeps changing his mind. Check out Meek's tweets above.