Talented but troubled Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant accepted a strict set of rules at the onset of this season, in hopes to keep him out of harms way. Initially, Bryant seemed very accepting of the new rules, but a recent slip up has everyone discouraged.

One of his main rules was to stay away from nightclubs and stripclubs, which apparently he has decided to ignore. DJ Klassik tweeted the evidence when he posted, "Delonte West, Josh Howard, Dez Bryant...#Private!!! Is a f***in movie right now."

When Klassik realized he had accidentally snitched on Bryant, he posted, "Uh oh."

To add insult to injury, Bryant is listed as questionable for this weeks game with a hip injury. That alone should probably have kept him at home resting, on top of the rules set for him. We'll see how Dallas decides to deal with this situation.

Source: inflexwetrust.com