For Cowboys star offensive lineman Tyron Smith, fame and wealth have not been so enjoyable. Smith has been dealing with the trying task of taking care of his family while also maintaining his own money. The pressure from his relatives has gotten so bad, 308-pound Smith was forced to file a protective order against his mother, stepfather, and five siblings this past summer.

The lineman has had to deal with several situations involving his family, the most recent incident happening this week. After signing his $12.5 million contract with the Cowboys in 2011, Tyron hooked each of his family up with a large sum of money, but clearly they don't feel it was enough. On Tuesday, authorities showed up to a scene at Tyron's Dallas home, in which his three sisters and an unidentified individual were harassing Tyron to cough up some cash. During training camp, one of Smith's family members had to be removed from the facilities after a similar incident.

Sources close to the situation say Tyron is taking it hard, but he's been handling it with "dignity and grace." Smith declined to comment.