Cee Lo Green may be regretting being on one recording, as the woman accusing the singer of sexual battery reportedly recorded a conversation in which Cee-Lo allegedly apologizes over and over to the woman. The recorded phone call also contains Cee-Lo admitting to slipping the woman ecstasy during their encounter at a L.A. restaurant in July.

According to a police report, the woman claims that she remembers nothing from the evening except for waking up naked next to Green. The woman then went to the LAPD, who reportedly instructed her to tape a "pretext" call in which she tried to get Green admit to a crime, after she filed the police report.

TMZ spoke to a source who heard the phone call, revealing that Cee Lo repeatedly apologized and kept mentioning MDMA, another name for ecstasy, saying he thought it would improve their evening. However, Cee Lo's lawyers are saying that the woman went to police after hiring a civil lawyer and getting shot down in her request for money.

Source: TMZ