Chad Ochocinco's alleged new fling, a woman by the name of Tiffany Jack, seems to have set Evelyn Lozada off with her tweets to Ochocinco earlier this month. While Ocho was tweeting his every moment away he engaged in a conversation with Tiffany, where the two exchanged sentiments of "I love you," which caught the eye of a fan of Evelyn. 

"CarenLSanford" tweeted back at Tiffany asking if she cared about Evelyn's marriage to Ocho, to which Evelyn responded, saying "Is this a trick question?"

Things then got real when Tiffany responded back to Evelyn, saying "@EvelynLozada please pull up the heart monitor app on your iPhone & take a deeeep breath before you collapse a lung, grandma. You don't know anything about me or anything about what you think you're watching. It's healthy to see you're spending your "new" time, "new" energy, "new" growth & "new" outlook on Twitter all day, though. You're quite the muse. I literally don't have time for your character defects & your energy doesn't exist in my world. Best of luck to you, I mean that. #allthewaybye"

When everything blew over Ocho's mom showed who's side she's on by tweeting Tiffany, saying "Hold my baby up, be the legs sweetie, nobody is perfect, xoxo."

Despite his mom being on Tiffany's side it seems that Ocho was fed up with the mess, and asked Tiffany not to mention his name on Twitter anymore, which set her off.

"@ochocinco phone like grown-ups sir, since you told me you'd propose to me at a stadium, etc. Grown stuff. This tweet makes no sense. Chad, I don't live in a vacuum if perpetuated drama... I have reporters calling my parents. You care for me more than adding more of that to my life. There is a stronger, better, healthier man inside of you, I believe that to be true... Grow...C'mon..."

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