The divorce agreement between Deion and Pilar Sanders is still ongoing, however when it is all said and done, Pilar will be awarded with 1 million dollars along with continuing child support payments if all goes in her favor.  She is trying to hold Deion in contempt of court as she alleges that he hasn't been paying his $10,500 in child support, however he claims that he has been paying the max that the state allows.  

The former loving couple had an appearance in court on Thursday, October 25th, and afterward, both Deion and Pilar released the following comments to reporters.  Deion stated that it is greed that is driving his estranged wife to continue to seek money from him.

"It's greed. You signed a contract. We had a prenuptial and now you don't like the terms of it, because of the realization — it's over. Your lifestyle will no longer be the same way. It's greed.  I'm just tired of this.  Move on. Go on with your life. Let's do it. You got a mil coming. Let's go. Let's do it."

Pilar countered Deion's "greed" statements by stating that she is just trying to give her children what they deserve.  

"I'm not going to give up for my children. I'm going to continue to fight for what they want and deserve.  I didn't marry hm for money, obviously.  I've been married to him for 14 years. My intent was to marry forever, but obviously, it wasn't his."